the steveston walk4water

september 8th / 2- 4pm / garry point fishermans needle


Everyday millions of Ugandans walk 6 km to fetch dirty water. For one moment, we’ll walk a mile in their shoes. 

Join us as we walk 3 kilometres to understand what the daily task of collecting water feels like for Ugandans. Together we’ll carry jerry cans to a “watering hole,” fill them and return to our starting point with the heavy load.

This is a family friendly event with participants of all ages welcome! 

Join us for an exercise in empathy that you won’t soon forget.

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imagine walking for hours for water that leaves you sick.


a different kind of walk.

Often causes “over there” can be distant and difficult to connect with. The Walk4Water is one of those unique opportunities to feel something of what million of kids go through every single day, just to fetch water.  

who is hosting this?

It’s a team effort but Acts for Water is the charity behind the Walk4Water. We are one of Canada’s oldest water charities. We believe that providing a child with clean, accessible water is the best way to help them transform their future, and we’re focussed on being the best at just that. We’re headquartered in Steveston, just above Nikaido and we’d love to connect with you. Learn more at acts.ca

it costs $125 to provide a child with clean water for life.

After you’ve walked, please join us in eliminating this walk for 1 child: for life.




Can I bring my Children? What will they carry?

Absolutely, this is an event welcome to people of all ages. Children tend to want to carry the full size jerry cans (just empty) but feel free to bring a 4L milk jug if not!

Do I have to bring my own Jerry Can?

No. We will have Jerry cans for you to use for the event.

Where will my donation go?

Your donation will go to provide clean water to 6000 people in Kota, Uganda who live without access to this essential need. Learn more about ACTS and what your donation will provide. 

How long is the walk?

We’ll be walking a total of 3 kilometres along sidewalks and park paths. It will be stroller friendly.

What can I expect?

Hopefully you’ll get a sense of what Ugandans go through every day to get water in a fun, relaxed environment. 

Can I come without giving?

YES! This event is not about the money! Please come regardless as we think you will find it to be a meaningful opportunity to engage physically with what our friends in Uganda go through everyday.

I’m a business that wants to help out in some way. Can I?

Absolutely- email jeff@acts.ca and lets chat!

join us for an experience you won’t soon forget.


 friends of the walk



Care to partner with this local initiative? We’d love to have you. Reach out to jeff@acts.ca or call: 778 855 4352


walking here. walking there.